The Lucky Ewe  

    14 March at 18:39 from atlas

    I was really looking forward to trading together with my daughter AKA @silverbelledesign at the forthcoming Launceston Silverdome event Tasmanian Made Market 28-29th March.  Trading as Wood n' Wool we would have brought to you a combination of The Lucky Ewe's unique hand dyed yarn with lots of new bases and colours and Lauren and Roger's bespoke laser cut timber and acrylic homewares, giftlines and kid's stuff. However, the hard decision was made by the organiser to postpone in light of the current emergency and the Government's recommendations.  It is hoped that the event can be rescheduled and the close to 150 makers given the opportunity to showcase their wares. We will keep you posted.  In the meantime, stay well, shop local and online. 


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