The Lucky Ewe  
  • CHRISTMAS 2014

    22 December at 17:35 from atlas

    A huge thank you to all our visitors for dropping in to say hello this Spring.  The Spinning & Weaving Studio will be closed over the Christmas Break and as Tilly and Friends are off on Family Jaunts, there will be no one to man (woman) the Studio Stash for a week or so.      NEW STUFF FOR THE STASH coming over the next two weeks include natural Australian wool yarn for you to dye, yarn for Wendy & Tilly to dye, Zauberballs in new colours and styles for everyone to knit, secret stuff for Sue and our NEW KNIT KITS for Ewe!  Rowena continues to look after the shop and greet you.        Have a safe and wonderful Christmas with your families : tell each and everyone how much you love them; and we all here at The Lucky Ewe hope the New Year will be bigger and better than the last.  We deserve it!         Love and hugs from the girls at the Studio. xxxxx


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