What's On at The Lucky Ewe

  • 25 April at 12:43 from facebook

    Handspun Tassie corriedale beanies destined for the growers. 😊 #tasmanianwoolgrowers #corriedalewool #corriedalesheep #handmadetasmania #handspunyarn #spinnersoftasmania #knittersoftasmaniaofinsta

  • 22 April at 18:39 from facebook

    Just finished an order of pureMagic fluff for a lovely client. Tasmanian all the way. #itswhatido #fibreporn #luxuryfibre #superfinemerinowool #tasmanianmerino #wildfibre #cardedbatt #tasmanianhandm

  • 16 April at 20:29 from facebook

    DK Gradient pair in pinks. 400g for a larger shawl. DK jumper/sweater pack. 1kg in a lovely soft denim blue. Gorgeous, lustrous and versatile Aussie processed corriedale. 2 braid set. 200g in solid an

  • 12 April at 08:28 from facebook

    Put this in your diary.

  • 9 April at 16:12 from facebook

    New fleece in the shop now including EL.

  • 8 April at 15:24 from facebook

    [Sometimes you just have to take a leap into the is my first video. Lighting doesn't show fleece to best but it is the topic that is important! ] I am seeing too many spinners fleeces

  • 4 April at 20:52 from facebook

    Please read this and also check out the comments. I "signed" the Copyright Oath when I staryed my library studies back in the late 1980s. I think people these days in general, do not think a

  • 4 April at 13:13 from facebook

    Just started a kilo of what will be a gorgeous plummy red in the dyepot today. Base is my Red Rock smooshy Australian DK superwash. #customdyejob #indieyarnshop #indiedyer #handdyedyarn #tasmanianmad

  • 3 April at 12:15 from facebook

    The black corrie/merino/suri bump of combed top has arrived!!! Feels like silk. Aussie grown and processed to perfection by Cashmere Connections in Victoria. 200g packs available. click on Shop Now.

  • 2 April at 14:38 from facebook

    It was time for a change and to do the dusting....moved most of the shop yesterday. More room to move.