What's On at The Lucky Ewe

  • 23 June at 23:28 from facebook

    Another innovative Australian woolgrower value-adding their beautiful fibre.....

  • 22 June at 21:10 from facebook

    Y'all know Tilly loooves Aussie Gotlands !

  • 14 June at 17:09 from facebook

    The final result from the previous post.

  • 14 June at 17:09 from facebook

    This is facinating.....

  • 14 June at 16:49 from facebook

    Great carder !!!!!

  • 10 June at 17:53 from facebook

    Ewe all know we are Tassie stockists and friends of Beersheba Farm and Gilbert in particular (I have my own Gilbert Mug). So if you are off to Bendigo, here is your chance to support Aussie Drysdales

  • 4 June at 11:23 from facebook

    A BIG THANK EWE to everyone who dropped by The Lucky Ewe over the 2 days of Campbell Town Show. Ewe all bring joy to my world. Thank you for your support and patronage! Now to unpack the car and put t

  • 3 June at 18:10 from facebook

    More "Great Sock Off" photos from today's Campbell Town Show Tasmania.

  • 3 June at 15:57 from facebook

    And the winner was Judy Blackburn !!! Well done to all our fantastic competitors. A great day's knitting. Many thanks to Australian Country Spinners for their generous support!

  • 3 June at 12:06 from facebook

    @campbelltownshow The Exhibition Hall is jumping! Speed Sock off Girls knitting furiously.