What's On at The Lucky Ewe

  • 22 April at 18:43 from facebook

    This gorgeous girl came to visit us today 😍😍😍. Thanks to #repost @meercat_missy travelling Australia . . #puppieswithpresence #theluckyewe #oatlandstasmania #dogsofinstagram

  • 22 April at 09:47 from facebook

    Good day for d(r)yeing yesterday. Among others, these beautiful #castledale combed wool tops from @beershebafarm take colour so easily. Naked available in the shop if you want to try for yourself. T

  • 15 April at 18:56 from facebook

    Online Entries for Homecrafts this year. Get your entries in for SPINNING, FELTING and WEAVING. New classes too. Contact me if you have any probs. We are arranging pickup in Hobart of completed item

  • 14 April at 15:29 from facebook

    A very interesting read. As a "wool" person I am always suspicious of products from plant-based fibres as they MUST require complex breaking down to enable a filament to be spun from the ce

  • 12 April at 17:59 from facebook

    Weeeeelll it is still greenish, but there are other colours too : I promise next project will be totally not green ! This project is currently on the vacuum cleaner (my Ashford Country Spinner 2 - lo

  • 9 April at 18:36 from facebook

    Finished !!! I'm a keeping thisun for meeee. #xantheshawl by the talented @ambahobrien using three of my own yarns : a painted green and the solid grey in #tillysmerinosock plus some more tonal gre

  • 7 April at 11:47 from facebook

    380 grams of 50/50 Merino and Mulberry silk handspun and dyed just completed and measured. Two hanks, the larger pink-white is 432m, the second pink-white-green is 334m. 14 wpi = DK. @ The Lucky Ewe

  • 5 April at 16:48 from facebook

    In the studio putting colour into mill-spun Tassie grown English Leicester yarn today from the Wanstead Park sheep. This traditional semi-worsted DK is multipurpose : outerwear, rugs and mats, bags..t

  • 28 March at 11:39 from facebook

    We see lots of Aussie knitting designers and often crochet is forgotten. The lovely Kaye at Kaye Adolphson Designs & Yarns is a super talented crochet designer. Look at these beautiful blankeys t

  • 27 March at 21:23 from facebook

    Part of today's studio output : the start of a 500g bobbin of Beersheba Farm versatile and gorgeous 18.5 mu merino, then some more kettle-dyed colour on corriedale. There were also 800g of Tilly's