Fleece, Fibre, Felt, Knit, Crochet, make Lace, Dye, Spin & Weave, Wool, Yarn and Knit Kits, Handmade Clothing and Accessories, Jewellery & Cards.

Our fibre of choice is Tasmanian Superfine Merino ~ 18.5 micron : just the best!

With it you can Spin, Dye, Weave, Felt, Knit & Crochet, Embellish

At The Lucky Ewe Studio Door you can find Fleece ~ Fibre ~ Yarn, Kits & Accessories, Needles %& Notions.

What's On at The Lucky Ewe

  • Newly made downstairs : Wild Fibre Batts now in the shop : all 75/25 blend of our Tasmanian fibres ~ superfine merino and either possum or wallaby fur. Just gorgeous and for spinners and felters a uni

    14 December at 13:47
  • For all you fans of Devil Guitars Tasmania's unique Cigar Box Guitars. Yeah!!

    8 December at 13:08