The Lucky Ewe  

Featuring small batch hand dyed yarn as well as fleece, combed tops, art yarns and batts for the adventurous spinner and weaver.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE WOOL......The Lucky Ewe Studio Shop specialises in all things woolly to help you tap into your creative genius.

We have special packs of natural and hand dyed English Leicester locks and curls, as well as spinner adventure packs of crazy batts and curls.

Along with the change in premises comes a new approach to the stock held in store and online. Keep your eyes peeled for new products, and new fleece.

We haven't forgotten about the knitter either, with some yummy hand-dyed yarn in new to the shop colours about to hit shelves.

We are proud to be able to showcase Tasmanian and Australian fibre growers and artists.

What's On at The Lucky Ewe


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